Home Networking Systems

Solid and stable networks

Your home network is the backbone of any controlled and automated system. It keeps all of your electronics connected and communicating with each other. Without reliable communication, you cannot have reliable control. It’s that simple.

If you have ever experienced long load times when you are waiting for music to play, webpages to load, or Netflix to start – the problem likely lies in your networking equipment. Common wireless Internet routers or all-in-one modem/routers from big box stores or local internet providers are not robust enough to cover most modern households needs.

Phones, computers, media servers, FaceTime, tablets, and streaming devices all require a strong, reliable internet connection to function properly.

The solution is an enterprise quality network with professional setup, configuration, and monitoring. Home System Solutions offers these services for new builds and existing homes. We use only enterprise grade routers, switches, and wireless access points from Araknis Networks to ensure your internet will be able to handle anything you throw at it.

Home System Solutions can control and oversee the network, even when we are not on-site. With the help of HSS, you can have a future ready home network system to keep all the technology in your home functioning and connecting properly.

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