Projectors & Large TVs

Bring the movie theater home

If you are serious about your video watching experience, a Projector or Large-Format Television is the way to go. As you may already know, movie theaters use projectors. If your goal is to emulate this experience in your home with the largest screen possible, projectors are a great choice as they allow for screen sizes to be 120+ inches, and in full 4K.

Large-frame TV screens are the best option for those looking for uncompromising picture quality in 4k with High Dynamic Range (HDR). TVs create their own light from behind the screen which allows them to offer deeper blacks and better contrast than a projector.

Home System Solutions will work with your interests and size constraints to create a personalized at home movie theater.

Contact Home System Solutions for our expertise when choosing the best video solution including ambient lighting, wall real-estate, and room size considerations. We understand being overwhelmed by all the choices out there and can help you make the best long term choice for your situation.

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