Acoustic Panels

Improve The Clarity Of Your Sound With Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic treatments, mainly acoustic panels, are a smart solution to remove echoes and reverberation from your house while ensuring you get the best sound from your system. Using top notch surround sound amplifiers and speakers that are properly calibrated by a trained professional is critical to getting the best sound out of your system, but sound quality doesn’t end there.

Acoustic Panels have many redeemable features, including:

  • Reduced Echo
  • Reduced Reverberation
  • Reduced Sound Outside of Your Listening Space
  • Reduced Background Noise
  • Improved Clarity
  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Improved Aesthetics in a Room

For an absolutely unrivaled listening experience you’d expect from a dedicated home theater or media room, acoustic treatments are the icing on top of the cake! Acoustic panels can be worked into your décor or expertly hidden. We can even print your favorite work of art on an acoustic panel.

Two favorite acoustic panel companies are Kinetics Noise Control and Artnovion. Both offer panels for a variety of projects in a wide range of patterns, shapes, and sizes. We have had amazing results and highly recommend adding acoustic treatments to any project where there are many flat walls that noise will reverberate from.

Contact Home System Solutions to confirm acoustic panels are a good fit for your project.