Secure your home anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy peace of mind through home automation features that provide multiple layers of security and oversight.

From surveillance cameras to alarm systems and water leak detection, Control4 or Savant gives you visibility into every aspect of your home.

Smart Door Locks

An automated smart lock system is a great addition to your Control4 or Savant system. With automated locks:

  • You can lock and unlock your door from wherever you are.
  • Easily view and manage each door lock, grant or remove access to your home, or even open the garage for a package delivery.
  • Personalize entry codes to keep track of who is entering your home–the housekeeper or the kids.
  • Set your home on “Goodnight” mode and all the doors will lock at once when you put your home to sleep for the night.

Surveillance Cameras

Cameras can be viewed through your Control4 or Savant app, giving you access to your home from anywhere in the world. Options include:

  • Security cameras from  Luma or Clarevision can notify you when they see a human face and continue tracking that person.
  • Be alerted on your phone or any screen in the house with a live feed showing who is at the door.

Garage Door Control

Open or close your garage door from your Control4 or Savant system and phone app. You can:

  • Connect a camera to see if your garage door is open or closed.
  • Be alerted if the garage door has been opened or closed.

Alarm Systems

Whole house alarm systems can be integrated into your Control4 or Savant system. Depending on your provider, you can:

  • Receive alerts when someone enters the house or when the garage door or a window is left open.
  • Allow you to arm or disarm the alarm remotely.

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