Home Surveillance for peace of mind

Smart Choices for Smart Homes

Including home surveillance cameras in your smart home is a smart choice and gives you peace of mind while you are at home or away on vacation. Home surveillance and security can be integrated into your home automation system, giving you 24-hour monitoring and access.

Camera Installation

Proper installation of security cameras is the backbone to having a secure and safe home or business. Camera selection, proper placement and wiring are all important factors to ensure that every inch of your home is adequately monitored. Outdoor and indoor cameras can be virtually hidden, or more obvious, depending on your preferences. Installation of IP camera systems with network video recorders allows easy access to your surveillance through your network or Internet.

Video Monitoring

Using apps on your computer, tablet or smart phone allows you to check on things at home—anywhere, anytime. Remotely view live surveillance camera footage straight from your mobile device and take command of your home at all times.

Automated Locks and Alerts

Automated locks and alerts complement a surveillance system and provide added comfort. Do you think you forgot to lock the back door? You can check and lock the door, from your bedside or vacation poolside.