home entertainment remodel

Remodel your home to include new audio, visual and entertainment systems

Did you recently purchase an almost-perfect house that could stand a little facelift? Or maybe the house you’ve lived in for two decades is ready for a few upgrades. Either way, consider adding home automation and entertainment features into your remodel project—it’s a great time to upgrade wiring and add home audio, video and automation to your home.

Back in the early days of home automation, most systems were designed to be installed while a home was under construction. It was a wise strategy. The new housing market at that time was strong and healthy, so there were plenty of new homes to wire up for automation, security, lighting and whole-house A/V systems.

Today, remodeling is a cost effective way to get the home of your dreams. You’ll also increase the value of your home. Now is the time to incorporate home automation and home audio and visual upgrades into your remodel project!

High definition televisions, lighting upgrades, and surround sound systems are all high on the list for remodeling projects. Some of our recommendations for high tech remodels include:

Living Space Theaters

Simplify your home entertainment experience in one or all rooms in your home. We can help you choose from the best products – high definition TVs, projectors, DVR players, Blu Ray players, speakers, and more. It’s important to properly place screens and televisions in a room for the best viewing experience. If you want to add a television in the kitchen or bedrooms, we’ll help determine how to best network and place those screens.

Surround Sound

A new television for watching movies calls for a beefed up surround sound system. Most movies and TV shows are recorded in a minimum 5.1 surround sound, so they need five speakers to sound best. A properly installed surround sound system makes voice, music and sound tones clear and crisp, giving you a totally immersive experience. If your remodel includes removing or moving walls, we can design and install in-wall (and in-ceiling) speakers and subwoofers so you have incredible sound throughout your home. Wireless systems are also a great option for remodel projects!

Dimmable Lighting

Simply swapping a standard light switch for a dimmer switch can make a huge difference in the way a room looks, and save some energy to boot. You can also step up to a whole-house lighting control system so you can set your lights with one touch control.

Motorized Shades

A perfect complement to dimmable, controllable lighting, and also remodeling friendly, are motorized window shades. Many styles are available that are battery-operated, which means the shades don’t even need AC power to move up and down. A command from a wireless remote—or wall-switch—is all it takes to invite in or block out the sunshine, prepare a media room for movie night or preserve your privacy.

All-In-One Control

Perhaps the best part about a home technology upgrade is that you can control the whole thing with one-touch controls. Combine whole house entertainment, exceptional surround sound, lighting and shading, and you’ve got a remodel job that will completely transform your home!

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