From whole house audio to smart lighting, there’s no question that today’s home automation technologies create comfort, efficiency and safety in a home. What many you may not realize is that by adding or upgrading home entertainment and automation, you are making a valuable investment in your property. Several reports show that installing a […]

Yes, it is related to home automation! The recent snow storms may have revealed that your house is susceptible to ice dam formation. We know that ice dams form because the roof above your living areas is warmer than at the edges. Snow melts above the warmer portion, flowing down the roof and then freezing […]

We just wrapped up an interesting and fun retrofit project at a ranch in Tumalo, Oregon. This project included replacing all the old wiring, replacing the speakers in the home, installing new televisions with Sonos sound bars, installing exterior surveillance cameras in the driveway and barn stalls, and… creating new customized cabinetry for a revamped […]

Remodel your home to include new audio, visual and entertainment systems Did you recently purchase an almost-perfect house that could stand a little facelift? Or maybe the house you’ve lived in for two decades is ready for a few upgrades. Either way, consider adding home automation and entertainment features into your remodel project—it’s a great […]

Smart home automation is about making things EASIER and BETTER in your home. And as we get older, we sometimes need all the help we can get, right? The movement towards home automation as a tool for “aging-in-place” is coming around and there are tons of reasons for having a smart home in your, shall […]

Home Automation for the Romantic In All of Us Okay, so maybe it is one of those “Hallmark Holidays”, but Valentine’s Day calls for cozy romance in your home. A romantic dinner should include soft lighting, the right tunes, a warm fire in the fireplace, and turning up the heat…you get the picture, right? Rather […]

(Adapted from a Control4 website blog post.) Around here, the anticipation for the holidays begins as soon as the weather starts to change, and your home should be ready for it. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating this winter season, there is plenty that your home automation system can do to help you and your […]

The home of the future is fully automated, resulting in total home comfort, security and energy savings. Here in Central Oregon, we enjoy long, sunny summer days and short, dark winters, and our homes can be the same – light and bright or dim and cozy. Integrating quality automatic shading to complement your lighting can […]