Install surveillance cameras to monitor snow loads and more

Winter in Bend, Oregon

Winter sure is pretty, but can wreak havoc on our homes.


Wowzers, how about this winter? It came in like a lion and well, it’s still roaring like a lion. We’ve seen record snowfall and consistently low temperatures, making it tough on our homes and buildings. The snow load, particularly on roofs, is cause for much concern.

If your central Oregon home is a second home, or you are leaving on vacation to escape the cold, then the stress only increases when you don’t know the condition of your home or surrounding property while you are gone. You ask – do I need to ask someone to remove snow from my roof? Do I need to hire someone to plow my property? Is the snow load on my back deck a liability? Winter is just plain challenging sometimes!

Many people think that surveillance cameras are only for videoing burglars or trespassers—and yes, deterrence and crime prevention are the primary objectives for having those cameras. But installing outside cameras can also help you monitor your home when we have these snowstorms of epic proportions. They can help you determine how much snow you have and what kind of shape your property is in.

We can help you customize the location and direction of your cameras, so if you have a worrisome spot on your roof, or you want to keep an eye on a pump house or other building, we can help you do just that. Hard-wired and wireless surveillance cameras are quite durable and withstand harsh weather. And cameras like Luma Surveillance cameras, nighttime is no problem. Their Sense-Up technology allows you to view nighttime video in full color.

Cameras can also be used to monitor pets and animals, like this recent Tumalo horse ranch home where we installed surveillance cameras to monitor the horses in their stalls. As a breeder, the owner wants to have round-the-clock eyes on her horses.

And, as with all of our products and services, we can integrate everything into a one-touch Control4 system that you can control from your phone or tablet. That way, you can see what is happening with one touch. No more wintertime stress!

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