home values

Smart lighting, comfort, surveillance and entertainment features have shown to boost home values.


From whole house audio to smart lighting, there’s no question that today’s home automation technologies create comfort, efficiency and safety in a home. What many you may not realize is that by adding or upgrading home entertainment and automation, you are making a valuable investment in your property.

Several reports show that installing a well designed, integrated home automation system has the potential to increase your home value by 5-10%. What’s additionally interesting is that Gen Xers and Millennials (yes, those pesky Millennials) are the age groups that are most likely to seek smart home technologies when buying a home. They are the next wave of top-income earners and home buyers.

Below are a few ways which home automation can boost your property value today and in the future.

Home security. Safety and security has always been on the minds of potential homebuyers, and today’s surveillance systems have become increasingly important. Icontrol Networks (recently acquired by Comcast) conducted a survey and found that over 90% of respondents said that home and family security is a top reason to purchase a smart, automated home. Furthermore, consumers want enhanced features such as remote monitoring, high-resolution cameras and other features that DIY systems do not provide.

Energy efficiency. Smart, connected heating, cooling and lighting definitely provide ultimate comfort in a home. It’s also no secret that energy prices will continue to rise and efficiency upgrades are one way to combat the over consumption of energy. Smart lighting, smart thermostats, and remote control of your HVAC system can reduce heating and cooling and lighting costs by up to 15%. Future homebuyers will absolutely be looking for energy efficiencies when purchasing a home.

Home entertainment. Your dad’s turntable and album collection is now your kid’s iPhone and Pandora account. Music, movies and television have never been more accessible. From Netflix to iTunes, we can literally be “entertained” wherever we are. However, today’s home entertainment requires robust networking to handle multiple streaming devices and good quality devices to fully take advantage of all the advances in entertainment. A quality system can be an added value to you home.

One-touch ease of use. We are now accustomed to having “one touch” experiences. With one click, we can make a purchase from our phone, we expect overnight deliveries and we continue to seek instant gratification – there is no turning back on this! A truly automated home allows the homeowner to quickly and easily control his or her home with one touch or one voice command. The mantra – simplify, simplify, simplify.

Artificial intelligence. If you’ve heard of Alexa, then you have heard of voice controlled Artificial Intelligence, or AI. AI will continue to evolve (whether we like that idea or not) and younger generations (those Millennials again) will not be daunted by AI, but will more likely embrace it. Home automation technology will increasingly use AI to function and interact with homeowners. Devices will likely gain more ability to anticipate your needs. This is already happening in new cars, with regular repair and maintenance reminders – imagine that in your home. Your home might tell YOU when to empty the dryer filter or blow out your sprinklers for the winter.

Invest in your home and you’ll see benefits now and when you sell!

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