short throw projector

An ultra-short throw projector gives an amazing image without taking up any space.


We’ve all had some experience with projectors, whether in a classroom setting, the local movie theater or in a business presentation (cue the boring Power Point slides). Projectors have also been used in homes for a while now, but they required a lot of space – you had to have a good-sized room with the optimal shape to have a projector work properly.

Let us introduce the amazing short throw and ultra-short throw projectors that we have grown to love! Now, virtually any sized home, living space, or room can use a projector for an immersive entertainment experience.

short throw projector bend oregon

The projector can even be hidden in cabinets for a sleek, beautiful style.

What is throw? “Throw” is the amount of distance needed between the projector itself and the screen or wall on which you want to view the display. It’s the amount of distance needed to “throw” the image on to the viewing surface.

The “throw ratio” is the distance from projector to screen compared to the screen size. If the projector is 16 feet back and it fills an 8-foot screen, that’s a 2:1 throw ratio, or just 2. A short-throw projector has a ratio of less than 1, down to about 0.4, meaning you could fill a 10-foot screen with the projector as little as 4.5 feet away. Ultra-short-throw projectors have a throw ratio of less than 0.4. For instance, some ultra short throw projectors can project a 100-inch image, from only 15 inches away.

Short throw projectors are where it’s at for home entertainment. There are so many benefits to opting for an ultra-short or short throw projector, but here are a few top ones that we love.

Allows for flexibility. Projectors allow for flexibility in spaces because you don’t need a television, but instead just need a blank wall or retractable screen. When you aren’t watching a movie, you can use that space for something else.

Perfect for small spaces. The most obvious benefit from short throw projectors is that they are excellent for small spaces. Instead of needing 15 feet of space to throw the image, you only need a foot or two. Now you can have that cozy dedicated home theater that you always dreamed of. Or if you live in a smaller home or condo, you are not limited by space.

No more “Hey down in the front!” Because the projector is so close to the screen, nothing comes in between you and your viewing experience. It’s also great for business or classroom settings because the presenter doesn’t get in the way of the images.

Exceptional quality. For years, smaller projectors did not project high quality images like a movie theater projector. With advanced, energy efficient LED technology, short throw projectors produce full HD resolution, giving you a very clear, crisp picture.

Smart, of course. Many short throw projectors are equipped with smart features that let you connect wirelessly to your favorite content providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Sleek and beautiful design. Short throw projectors are sleek and small and can even be hidden in cabinetry so you don’t see them at all.

Your new home theater space awaits you with one of these high-tech short throw projectors!

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