OLED Television Bend OregonWhat you need to know about OLED TVs!

The latest technology leap that we are very excited about is the rise of the Organic LED television or, for short, OLED TVs.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Chances are, you’re well aware of LED lighting, which has become the most efficient and longest lasting type of lighting today. LEDs create light by electroluminescence in a semiconductor material. Electroluminescence is the phenomenon of a material emitting light when an electric current or an electric field passes through it. On an LED screen, each pixel is made of a material that fires up when you jab it with electricity.

What’s the “organic” part? Is it good for you to eat? No, but the materials used in OLED televisions are organic compounds, mostly carbon, plus some other organic stuff. What happens is that each pixel emits light based on the amount of electric current sent through it. Lots of current = lots of light. No current = no light.

So, what’s the fuss and why do we love these OLED TVs?

First and foremost is the “black level”. Contrast ratio is THE MOST important aspect of picture quality, and Organic LEDs definitely deliver. OLEDs can produce a perfect black and an extremely bright white on a per-pixel basis. Most television “blacks” are actually dark gray. LCD displays, LED LCD displays, and plasma displays – none of these produce a true black. Repeat after us: “A television’s display quality is only as good as it’s ability to produce a perfect black.” That perfect black creates an amazing contract ratio because it can get extremely bright and extremely black, all on a pixel by pixel basis. This is the holy grail of display quality!


Here you can see the difference between varying black levels. (photo: www.cnet.com)

Second, OLED televisions are very thin, something that nearly every homeowner is looking for – an unobtrusive design that works with all styles. Worried about viewing angles? It isn’t a problem with OLEDs as they can be viewed with no degradation at drastic viewing angles, up to 84 degrees.

For other display factors, such as uniformity and refresh rate, the OLEDs hold their own. OLEDs have consistent brightness across the screen and the refresh rate and color gamut is on par with LCDs.

Lastly, much like LED lighting, OLED TVs are quite energy efficient.

OLED is the superior TV technology today. So, what are you waiting for to upgrade your home entertainment for the best viewing quality? If you want to learn more about Organic LED televisions and what is required to install and operate one, give us a call today.

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