Home Automation for the Romantic In All of Us

Okay, so maybe it is one of those “Hallmark Holidays”, but Valentine’s Day calls for cozy romance in your home. A romantic dinner should include soft lighting, the right tunes, a warm fire in the fireplace, and turning up the heat…you get the picture, right?

Rather than race around the house to adjust all the lights, pull the shades and frantically search for the remote, impress your sweetie with home automation. Having a centralized, efficient home control system—Control4 is our choice—will allow you to evoke “romance” by tapping a “Date Night” icon on your smart phone or tablet.

So, go ahead, get into the groove with these tips for setting the mood for V-Day, or any date night!

“With Love”,

–Lawrence, Isaac & Robert

Create A “Date Night” Preset

If you already own or are planning on investing in an automated home, program a special “romance” preset on your remote device that handles all the lighting, shading and music. Even better—use a “heart” icon for this setting.

Light Up the Night

Bright overhead lighting doesn’t quite say “I Love You”, so think about warm, soft lighting. Lighting accents on the walls, recessed lighting or dimmed ambient lighting can all do the trick. Or go for colored lighting. Warm colors like red or orange make a room feel warm. Two tricks for creating a romantic mood with lighting: keep upper walls dark and hide light sources.

Heat It Up—or Turn It Down

With remote smart controls, you can set the temperature of your home wherever you are. Maybe you want a warm and cozy temperature. Or maybe you’d rather set it to be cooler—optimal for cuddling with your Valentine. Bonus: If you have a hot tub or a luxurious bubbling bathtub, fire that sucker up when the time is right.

Walk Down Memory Lane

No more clunky wedding albums. Stream romantic photos of your wedding, a vacation or some other memory on the big screen. Relive those moments of bliss.

Get Inspired with Movies

If you just can’t find the words to express yourself, ask a video editing pro to string together clips and quotes from a collection of romantic movies. Start with The Princess Bride.

Set the Mood with Music

Activate your, and your partners, favorite love tunes. Whether it’s Marvin Gaye or Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”, finding the perfect playlist is a good part of the fun!

Do Not Disturb

Push a button to close the shades, lock the doors and turn of your phone. It is your night—enjoy it!


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Date Night – Control4 from Peachy Films on Vimeo.