The home of the future is fully automated, resulting in total home comfort, security and energy savings. Here in Central Oregon, we enjoy long, sunny summer days and short, dark winters, and our homes can be the same – light and bright or dim and cozy. Integrating quality automatic shading to complement your lighting can make a huge difference in your home.

Lighting and shading go together like rice and beans. We highly recommend that if you are looking to have a total smart home, especially with automated lighting, that you also consider window shading as a key component. Learn how adding automatic window shading to your home can enhance comfort, functionality and help with energy savings.


remote control motorized shades

Energy Efficiency

Our often wild and sometimes frustrating temperature swings, from -20 in the winter to 100+ degrees in the summer, mean that your windows can greatly affect the energy efficiency and temperatures in your home. In fact, 10-25% of your heating and cooling can escape through your windows. With automated shading, you can set timers or remotely raise or lower your shades as needed for maximum energy savings.

Accessibility and Safety

No more cords, strings or reaching for that tall window to fix your curtains. Automatic shades are great for large and tall windows, skylights and clerestory windows. You can still have your fantastic view of Mt. Bachelor and beautiful, functional shading. They are also safe for kids and pets with no cords or strings and allow seniors or those with reduced mobility to easily open and close them.


At any given time, your windows can say a lot about your home. Drawn shades for weeks at a time signify that nobody has been home for a while or raised shades at night can invite people peeking inside. Window shading can deter unwanted visitors and provide added security. Automated shades can utilize timers to raise and lower at preset times, whether you are at home or away.

Versatility and Style

You won’t get stuck with boring white roller shades. You can choose from many styles, fabrics and looks to fit in with your home décor. At Home System Solutions, we work with several shading companies, such as QMotion and Lutron that provide a wide variety of shade and curtains—roller shades, draperies, roman shades, or honeycomb style shades. You can do light, layered curtains, black out drapes, or something in between.


Window glass has come a long way in how it can protect your interior finishes and furniture, but UV rays can still damage things inside your home, such as high end furnishings, artwork, flooring, and finishes. Having automated shading can help you control the direct sunlight that comes into your home when you want it, and when you don’t.

Home Entertainment

In addition to letting the light in, window shades also keep the light out, providing a cozy environment for the best movie watching!

Wow Factor!

Automatic shades can give your home that added touch to make your home look and feel awesome. Cordless shades give you home a sleeker, cleaner look and automation makes your home modern and functional. With one touch, you can have a future-ready home!

Automated shading is great for businesses too. Appearances count in the business world and having the ability to control your lighting and shading from one touch can make a difference. Shading for boardrooms and presentation rooms lets you choose the appropriate amount of natural and artificial light. Automatic shading can also help your realize energy savings. You can impress clients, improve productivity, and save energy at your business.

At Home System Solutions, we take pride in being Central Oregon’s leader in smart home automation, theater and entertainment. Let us help you make your dream home future-ready. Contact us by email or call 541-610-7915.