Enjoy watching football in your custom “fan cave”

There is a definite chill in the air today, indicative of the fall season. Which also means—FOOTBALL! For the avid football and sports fans, home automation and a killer home theater offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in your passion. With the right set up, you and your friends can feel like you’re actually there, at the big game, cheering and jeering for your teams.

Instead of “tailgating”, you’ll be “homegating” in your awesome Fan Cave. Check out what we can do!


home theaters for football

Yep, this looks pretty awesome for watching some football!

You’ve probably discovered by now how much we love Control4 for home automation. Control4 can also make your football season even more awesome. Imagine this:

You and your friends are watching the game in your home theater or entertainment room. The lights are dimmed, the shades are drawn, and you are sunk into a recliner with a Boneyard beer in one hand, snacks in the other. The game stops, a commercial comes on and you activate a “COMMERCIAL BREAK” from your iPad and the room transforms:

  • The volume turns down. (Who wants to hear a commercial?)
  • The lighting control system lights the wall sconces lining the hallway to the bathroom.
  • The bar lights up so guests can easily refresh their drinks.

When the game starts up, after the set three minutes, the custom home team colored LED lights flash to signal that the game is resuming. But wait—the pizza guy just showed up. To ensure that it is actually the pizza delivery guy, you check your surveillance camera on your iPad. You remotely unlock the door from your touch screen and go get your pizza.

When the game is over, you push the “GAME OVER” button on your iPad. The projector turns off, the audio fades, the screen disappears into the ceiling and the shades come up.

Here are a few more key things to get started thinking about for the ultimate football-watching Fan Cave:

Screens. We have some thoughts on televisions vs. projectors, but of course both work great for sports viewing. But why have only one screen in the room? Go for two or more a screens to watch multiple games simultaneously. We have seen Fan Caves with up to five television screens!

Lighting. Proper lighting is key and not only functions for good viewing and reduced glare, but can also add a fun touch. LED accent lighting can include your favorite team colors or provide a well-lit path to the beer fridge.

Furniture. We really enjoy and recommend home theater specific furniture. It is comfy for everyone and provides added acoustical performance. Plushy theater seats better absorb sound, which improves audio performance.

Acoustical Treatments. Yes, you want to hear the excitement rise as the crowds go wild and the announcer yells “Touchdown!” But you probably don’t want to hear it in the rest of the house. Acoustical room treatments can keep the sound where you want it.

Food and Drink. Sure, going to the kitchen to get a beer refill isn’t difficult, but you don’t want to miss a second of the game. Add a fridge, wet bar and microwave to your home theater room to provide nourishment! You’ll need it for overtime.

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