Smart home automation is about making things EASIER and BETTER in your home. And as we get older, we sometimes need all the help we can get, right? The movement towards home automation as a tool for “aging-in-place” is coming around and there are tons of reasons for having a smart home in your, shall we say, twilight years.

Independence, safety, peace of mind – these are all benefits. Whether you are living in the house that you plan to live in forever or you are a caregiver an elderly parent or relative—smart home automation can enhance your life. In fact, studies show that when a person can remain in their home as long as possible, they are much happier and healthier.

Not too long ago, technology was thought of as something for young people. Computers, fancy phones, integrated systems. This is not the case at all! Home technology is for ALL ages and seniors can actually benefit the most from full home automation. (And for you Baby Boomers out there, we know, you like to rock out to great sound as well, so just let us know if you need to beef up your home audio.)

Read along for some ways that smart home automation can enhance senior living and create a wonderful aging in place home environment.

–Lawrence and the HSS crew

smart homes for seniors

Touchscreen controls. In a smart home, everything is controlled from a touchscreen, whether it is a smart phone, a tablet or a wall mounted control panel. This makes home control so much easier because everything is all in one place. You can avoid walking into the garage to close the door, or into the other room to adjust the lighting heat, or air conditioning.

Easy to use, integrated surveillance. Installing surveillance cameras and integrating them into your smart home is an added security feature that gives you peace of mind and comfort. With this system, you can view live security camera footage, straight from your mobile device or tablet. When someone comes to the door, you can see who it is without having to get up and open the door.

Automated door locks. Arthritic hands can make once-simple tasks painful. By installing a keypad door lock or deadbolt, you can eliminate the need to fumble through the process of putting the key in the lock on exit or entry. Remote locks and scheduled access codes also provide greater security for seniors, and locks that can be controlled through a smartphone or tablet allow family members to unlock the door remotely for a neighbor or emergency personnel.

No more reaching or pulling. Automated window shades and ceiling fans have an added benefit to seniors. No more reaching, pulling or tugging on strings and cords to turn on the fan or draw the shades. Instead, just hit a button on your touchscreen.

Smart leak detection. When we get older, it gets a bit tougher to stay on top of maintaining a home. Some home automation systems can turn off water if a leak is detected or alert the fire department automatically in the event of a fire. Control4’s automated Water Control Valve and Flood Sensor both continuously check for leaks and can be ready to shut off the water supply at a moment’s notice.

Smart energy control. Smart home automation is all about providing the ultimate home environment that is easily controlled. With a complete home system like Control4, occupants can easily control the temperature through an easy to use touch screen or voice control.

Speaking of voice control… Voice Pod is a device that adds voice recognition to Control4, allowing you total hands-free control of lights, temperatures, and security. You can add an emergency setting and Voice Pod gives you the option of calling 911 or notifying neighbors or family members by text message.



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